-Any items of mine may be recolored.
-Any items of mine may be included in lots.
-Do NOT redistribute any of my meshes on pay sites.
-May modify meshes or textures if asked for PERMISSION.
-If recolored, you may include the mesh. However, don't include the mesh separately as a new download on your site. :)

Thank you and enjoy all my creations and any future ones!




The first website design for FPC was from freewebs and was hosted on freewebs. I didn't have a domain name for the site yet. I just wanted a place where people can find all my downloads to get. Little did I know what I would do in the future in actually making a real website for myself.


The 2nd website design of FPC, but the first real website and design rather than freewebs. First experience of owning the whole 9 yards of a website.


The 3rd website design of FPC, and hasn't been a year yet. During the time I was a FA at TSR and was thinking about closing the site. Then I quit being a FA and continued to run and pay for the site.


The 4th website design of FPC and the one that lasted the longest. This design introduced FPC's trademark fun colors! This design had a great run while it lasted.


The 5th website design of FPC. It kept the signiture fun colors and added a little bit more modern feel to it. Had a refresh to this particular design in early 2011, which a more coherent design.


The 6th website design of FPC. This design is much more mature and techy feeling than all previous designs. It was inspired by various car interiors, and features premium wood, leather stitching, chrome, and lots of lighted buttons. I wanted people to get the vibe of a car when visiting this site, because that's what the main focus of the site is.




I am 19 year old in College, and I make cars and objects for the Sims series. I started the site around July of 2006, and it has been a pretty decent size site so far. I have been a lot of places with my creations. I've been to the great ss2 and mts2. Now I am here, and I'm going to try my best to make free content for all you guys. So please keep on coming to Fresh Prince Creations, I enjoy all company and visitors. Thanks, and have a good day everyone!